Our Mozzarella

Lovingly hand made and designed to melt perfecty with restaurants & pizzerias in mind.

Best eaten fresh with salad or added to lasagna, pasta & pizza.

Available for wholesale: shredded or 125 gram balls (in brine).


Organic Mozzarella

Lovingly hand made using milk supplied by OMSCO and certified by the Organic Food Federation.

Best eaten fresh with salad or added to lasagna, pasta and pizza.

Wholesale minimum order: 30 kg.


Our Burrata

A luxurious treat from our Master Cheesemaker. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, the inside filled with delicious cream and stracciatella.

Best served fresh at room temperature Available in various flavours including chives, truffle, pesto and many more.

Contact us directly for information on this truly unique cheese.



Made in Italy from organic wholegrain rice milk, MozzaRisella is an ideal vegan alternative to traditional cheeses.

Designed with restaurants and pizzerias in mind, MozzaRisella melts perfectly and is tasty enough to eat on it's own with fresh salads.

Sold in 500gr packages.


We make award-winning British Mozzarella cheese certified by the Organic Food Federation

Our story

The concept of making British Mozzarella came to us while running our own pizza delivery shops for the last 8 years.

When it started becoming impossible to find Mozzarella that matched our standards for quality and farming practices, we finaly saw the light:

Why import cheese when you have the perfect ingredients to make it right here our Great Britain?!

Our story

The only way forward was to start making our own Mozza! It may have seemed crazy at the time, but it turned out making perfect sense.

We put together a business plan, crunched some numbers, remortgaged our home and took a leap of faith… and that's how we launched our micro diary here in Somerset, the heart and soul of British milk industry.

Our story

Supporting everything British is at the core of our business. Why fly mozzarella in from Italy when we can make it ourselves right here in Britain?

Our process starts within 30 minutes of milk collection, and uses nothing but vegetarian rennet, plant based cultures and our Master Cheesemaker's hard work.

We simply cant be beat on quality and freshness.

Our story

All our products are made by hand with lots of love and care.

If you are a pizzeria try our shredded mozzarella, specially produced and cut for pizza to give perfect coverage and an artisanal look.

If you are a restaurant try our whole balls mozzarella in brine: its soft, full of creamy milk and pulls apart with ease.



Our Farm

We've partnered with Highstaverdale Farm, where the Kimber Family have been carrying on their 300 year old family tradition.

Our farm is located in Charlton Musgrove, amongst the lush pastures of the Blackmore Vale under the shadow of Alfred's Tower.

Our Farm

Independantly inspected, they farm responsibly using fertilisers and herbicides only in according to need.

Animals are treated when necessary and enjoy the services of expert agronomists, veterinarians, and feed specialists. Their farm is independently inspected.

Our Farm

Being a mixed stock farm we have become experts in animal husbandry, welfare being our top priority.

Quality is maintained by using wholesome animal feed including home grown wheat, maize/grass silage and meadow hay - all used during the winter months.

The cattle graze in the summer with special formulated rations for finishing…

Our Farm

Pedigree British Friesians, Dairy Shorthorns and British Holsteins make up the mixed herd. Many of the family lines can be traced back to herds that have been looked after by the family for generations.

The farm produces 1.5 million litres of top quality milk annually from the rich grassland in the Blackmore Vale as well as home produced forage. This ensures that the milk is rich in omega 3, iodine and natural goodness.



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